What’s in Roger Ailes’ Brain

It’s safe to say that most people question Fox News’ credibility, and general mass media new distribution in general. However specifically with this weeks coverage of the news, Fox seems to have reached my level of ignoring their loud yelling. So, in an attempt to come back at my comics blog here it is:

What does Roger Ailes’ (President of Fox News) Brain look like when thinking about Fox News Programming?Roger_Ailes_Troll_panel_1



If you’re interested in learning more about the fox news empire, and how Roger Ailes came to be–here’s a story NPR did earlier this year:

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Ranting Ants


Prometheus Anticipation (Not really a spoiler, but if you’re mega sensitive it might be)

Hullo Loyal Followers, and stray Internet visitors!

As you can see if I’ve been posting very regularly the last 8 weeks! There’s been 8 comics since my star wars one, and I’m so proud of myself for that. Just Kidding. That’s what I would say, but I’ve had some writer’s block and other turbulent things going on in my life. So, without further ado here’s my new comic for June 10, 2012!

What did you guys think of Prometheus? What’s your favorite space movie and or Ridley Scott Movie? Comment below, and let me know!

In case you felt like more reading: I went to go see Prometheus this past weekend, and I was rather entertained. Noomi Pace, Michael Fassbender, and Charlize Theron have fantastic performances and the movie is visually gorgeous. However, the movie brings up a whole list of questions and concerns that may never be answered. At first when I saw Damon Lindelof’s name in the credits I was psyched because I had enjoyed Lost when it was on TV. Somehow every time I see his name I forget how infuriating “Lost” was, and assume that whatever I’m about to watch will be an amazing adventure. Though once the credits started rolling I realized that there were tons of loose strings, and I could only go back on this thought, “well that makes sense. Damon Lindelof co-wrote it (he also co-wrote LOST)”. And here we have the comic of what assume every diehard Alien nerd went through.

Thank you to http://www.nooooooooooooooo.com/ for the Darth Vader Image (Not sure how to ask for this image, but here’s the credit cemented in blog post history). I’d also like to thank my comic consultant Eileen! If you click on her name it’ll take you to her tumblr, which has tons of hilarious blog posts of her own! In case you were wondering it’s the same Eileen that helped me out with my hipster comic a few months ago. Hope you enjoy this one, and maybe as my life gets settled I will finally blog on a regular basis…I won’t promise anything, but until next time I hope you find some lolz on the internet!

When It Rains


I haven’t blogged in forever… and I apologize. I hang my head in shame, and so to make up for it here’s a count em’ FIVE panel comic!



It’s been raining a lot in the last few weeks, and I’ve been in this situation a lot. It’s been a good pairing too because for the last couple of weeks at work I’ve been hearing random Star Wars scores being whistled in the hallway..

Have a great week! I hope I can post again within seven days!

Teresa : )

The Everlasting Ironic [Fat] Hipster

Happy New Year!!!!

I haven’t posted a comic in over a month because it was the holidays, and I was travelling with my family. I hope you all had a good holiday,  and you’re ready to start the new year! I was combing through some old ideas I had written down and here is the result! Enjoy:

The Everlasting Ironic [Fat] Hipster:

His bag says: “www.IwashipB4u.com”

Thanks to my friend Eileen for the messenger bag addition!
Have a Happy New Year, and see you in a week!


P.S In my research for this comic I discovered this video, “Confessions of a Hipster”. Turns out she’s HILARIOUS! I was laughing (after watching a few of her other videos) so hard my throat and stomach were throbbing.

A Thesaurus Thank You

The thesaurus is your best friend when you’re writing something right? Well it’s a useful tool, but that’s why humans have brains to judge if that wording sounds right. I’ve been crafting letters and writing things here and there a lot lately, so I’ve had my thesaurus cracked open (and by that I mean thesaurus.com in an open tab). So, I thought it’d be funny to write a letter with some of the wildest thesaurus finds I could find. Enjoy

I know I said I’d make comics, and I apologize for all the reading–I swear more pictures are coming soon!


Dear Employer,

Thank you for granting me an interview half a fortnight ago. I was very fond of our conversation, and it was a ball lucubrating about your company.

I am an eager beaver desiring to wrestle the challenges at your company. From previous work worldliness I’ve discerned that it takes copious amounts of drudgery to get the metier done. I equip the necessary moxie to steadfastly conquer the task at hand. I am equipped and ready to embark on your company’s needs

Much gratitude for our chance encounter. I have faith we will meet again.


Your ace candidate!

P.S If you want truly amazing letters please go to http://www.lettersofnote.com/

They have amazing beautifully crafted inspirational letters that make your heart warm!

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