Office Shenanigans!


This isn’t the comic I wanted to post, but it’s the comic I have. Hopefully I can find time to get the one in my head onto paper!


I drew this about a year ago. I’m sorry for cheating, but I will try to clear out some time to draw a brand new one!

See you next time,



Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s a couple days late, but maybe this is the great great great great great grandfather turkey of the annual turkey that gets spared each year by the President!

I hope you all had a lovely holiday!


And don’t worry I’ll be posting more often 🙂




Balls! Balls! Balls!

Now that I’ve got your attention, welcome to my newest blog: Ranting Ants! I’m a really colorful person who really enjoys comedy, and wants to spread funny around the world. However a lot of my comedy comes from me ranting about silly ridiculous things (get the title?)  as well as drawing webcomics.
I have a comic I’m working at the moment, but after going through a Parks and Rec (inspired by watching Parks and Recreation. Good show if you haven’t seen it) catalog I saw this advertisement–and had to share:
Balls! Balls! Balls!
What child doesnt love balls? All activities in this class will center around balls. Each parent/child will use various balls to develop the childs skills. The fun will include throwing, catching, rolling and passing balls, along with other fun activities.
Immature humor at it’s finest. Even so lets make a game out of it. I don’t know the answer but how old do you think the author of that class is?
Until next time have some fun with balls 🙂