Wish You Were Here…

“Stay Tuned for Avril’s new hit!”

Now I was driving around running errands and I heard that Avril Lavigne had a new single. When I was in seventh grade Avril Lavigne was kind one of my idols (embarrassing…i know). In my defense she was totally what every tomboy girl who wanted to learn how to skateboard needed to vindicate their lives (also I didn’t grow up to be a lesbian, so suck it world). In any case “Let Go” was her first studio album, and I listened to that on repeat for who knows how many times (itunes does, but I’m not telling you!). Since then I’ve developed a MUCH better music sense, and nowadays I expect almost next to nothing from Avril.

Her newest song…is actually worse than nothing. If I had to guess I think there are maybe 75 unique words in the whole 3:47 song! That’s a pretty long song for 75 unique words. I was upset since all the other radio stations had commercials and I couldn’t get away!! Since that first listen I think I’ve heard the song five more times in my car (a couple of those listens was to double check that there wasn’t any substance), and I’ve learned all the lyrics….so sad.

I’m not sure if this was intentional but “let go” pretty much makes up the whole bridge…I think she’s calling back to a time when she actually “tried” to write music. I was so aggravated by the lyrics in this song that I decided to mark it up like an English paper. I hope my comments manage to entertain you…cause that’s what this blog is for! Enjoy!
My humor borders a pretty judgmental sometimes mean line. I don’t intend any harm I just don’t like settling for mediocrity when people are getting paid for their art. ¬†Sorry if you don’t like it, but that’s how I roll.

Link to Avril’s Music Video:¬†http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VT1-sitWRtY&feature=artist

Don’t get me started on the video…

My Favorite Youtube Comments from the music video:

“I love Avril, this is real music. Better than Selena Gomez or Rihanna in my opinion. I don’t think that because they got more views that means they are better. (77 Likes)

Avril shows authentic passion in what she does. She loves music too”

“DUDE, this song is, perfect!, and it seems that u’re really crying :\”

“Have you ever written a bad song in your life! I swear your amazing! I remember the first song I ever learnt how to sing was s8ter boi my brother taught it to me! <3″ (11 Likes)

I love to see her tears flow

absolutely real emotion

no other comments more than


“211,663 PEOPLE HAVE GOOD TASTE IN MUSIC!!!!” (How many people have liked the video)

Disclaimer: I’m not trying to be a hater…but this song is very poor quality. I’m gonna go listen to complicated. See ya all later!