A Thesaurus Thank You

The thesaurus is your best friend when you’re writing something right? Well it’s a useful tool, but that’s why humans have brains to judge if that wording sounds right. I’ve been crafting letters and writing things here and there a lot lately, so I’ve had my thesaurus cracked open (and by that I mean thesaurus.com in an open tab). So, I thought it’d be funny to write a letter with some of the wildest thesaurus finds I could find. Enjoy

I know I said I’d make comics, and I apologize for all the reading–I swear more pictures are coming soon!


Dear Employer,

Thank you for granting me an interview half a fortnight ago. I was very fond of our conversation, and it was a ball lucubrating about your company.

I am an eager beaver desiring to wrestle the challenges at your company. From previous work worldliness I’ve discerned that it takes copious amounts of drudgery to get the metier done. I equip the necessary moxie to steadfastly conquer the task at hand. I am equipped and ready to embark on your company’s needs

Much gratitude for our chance encounter. I have faith we will meet again.


Your ace candidate!

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Thanks for reading!